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10 Benefits of Natural Yak Chews!



There are endless varieties of chews and treats for pet parents to pick from but most of us want one that offers the most benefits! A great pick? The all natural yak chew, also known as yak cheese.  Here are just some of the benefits:

A Natural, Limited Ingredient Chew!  We know our pet pups do not need fillers, additives or preservatives in their chews and treats.  With just three simple ingredients, our yak chews are a great choice for conscientious pet parents!

Dental Hygenie!  The joy of handing over a yak chew to your dog is rewarding, but did you know you are helping him or her with their dental health in the process?  According to vets, they help to remove plaque, tartar and create better dental health!

They last!  Unlike many treats, yak chews are longer lasting.  They provide extended chewing time!  When you have just a tiny bit left, soak them in water for a bit and then place them in your microwave for less than a minute (they puff up!).  Let them cool completely and then your dog can enjoy the last bits as cheese puffs!  Have a puppy? Consider Yak Nuggets–little yak chews that you microwave for puff treats.  They are a lovely option for young, for senior or for dental sensitive chewers!

That’s entertainment!  Chewing is a favorite pastime of dogs and it keeps their minds and mouths occupied.  Offering quality, natural chews can help reduce the chance of making a chew out of your furniture, shoe or other household item!

Protein!  Natural yak chews offer a solid source of protein for your dog!  Got a senior dog? Consider yak chews or yak nuggets as protein can also help senior dogs maintain their muscle mass as they age.  

Grain free/Gluten Free!  Is your pet on grain free or gluten free diet?  Yak chews are free from both so you can confidently offer your grain sensitive dog a yak treat!

Calcium!  Yak chews, or yak cheese, provide your dog with a source of calcium!  Dogs, like humans, need calcium for good bones and to prevent other health issues.  Yak chews are a healthy source of calicum.

No Bad Smells Here!  There are some chews on the market that you can probably identify just by smell–not the yak chew! These longer lasting chews are virtually odorless!

Natural Probiotics!  Yak chews contain naturally occuring probiotics which can help improve your dogs digestion, as well as help his or her overall health. 

Bye-Bye Bad Breath!  Good chews can help reduce bothersome bad breath!  Not only do you get the dental benefits noted above, but bad breath is reduced or eliminated with good dental hygiene.  Yak chews can be a healthy part of saying goodbye to bad doggie breath!!  

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