Can Bully Sticks be Part of a Healthy Canine Diet?

Though the bully stick is certainly meant to be a treat, it can factor in to be a strong part of the canine diet. Treats should always be considered in the diet as a positive part, not just an outstanding nibble here or there.

Let's take a look at the different majority diets on the market today and how, where, and why bully sticks can be a part of them.



Kibble is the most prolific dog food on the market as of this writing. Though other options are growing in popularity, kibble has been the standby for most pet owners for the majority of the century, now.

However, kibble really doesn't fulfill that need for dogs to crunch and chew. A bite or two and each kibble is gone. For heavy chewers, this isn't enough. Enter the bully stick. These both clean teeth; acting as toothbrushes as they gnaw, and give them that satisfaction of really grinding something down with their molars. 

The extra protein is also a nice treat for kibble-fed dogs that find themselves looking for something a little meatier than their usual bowl of bites.


Fresh-fed dogs are often happily gobbling down soft pieces of meat and vegetables; the perfect meal for those with dainty jaws or for those who need more moisture in their diet. In this case, as above, the bully stick can serve as a toothbrush to get the little bits of food from between teeth.

However, it also serves as an excellent way for these dogs to strengthen their jaws. These bully sticks give under pressure but they aren't as soft as typical fresh dog food. Bully stick chews can be an excellent way for dogs who have had surgery or simply have a weak bite to work those jaw muscles.



For dogs who are fed raw, finding chews is never an issue. They eat their bones, sinew, and sometimes even whole hides with their meals every day. If the diet is a whole, ground diet, bully sticks offer much what they do in the above sections: a way to clean the teeth and a way to exercise the jaws. 

If the dog is fed a whole prey or bone-inclusive diet, bully sticks offer an alternative texture and a different taste. This keeps meals and treats exciting, interesting, and invested.

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