Dog Treats: How to Pick the Best Quality

Dog Treats: How to Pick the Best Quality

Every dog owner loves to spoil their K9 with treats! But do you know HOW to pick the best quality dog treats?

Below, we’ll give you the 411 on picking the best quality when it comes to your dog’s treats!


“You Are What You Eat” and that Applies to Your Dog Too!

Since the early 1800s, humans have heard the expression, “You are what you eat!” Coined by a French author, this age-old piece of wisdom refers to the direct correlation between eating good food and being healthy and fit.

This wisdom also applies to your dog! 

For our canines to stay healthy, active and happy, their day-to-day diet must be made up of high-quality ingredients in their meals and treats! Feeding lower-quality foods and snacks will have a direct (and negative) effect on your dog’s overall well-being, health and longevity. (Just like it would on you if you ate fast food every day!)

Your dog should have no more than 10% of his daily calories from snacks. Giving your dog too many treats can lead to weight gain. (Did you know that more than half of American pets are overweight?!) Limit those treats and only feed high-quality treats!

Do you use treats in dog training? Remember, there are other rewards for your dog outside of treats! Affection, extra playtime, a special toy or heartfelt words of praise can also be used as effective rewards and help cut down on their daily caloric intake.


How to Pick the Best Quality Dog Treat: Tip 1

Consider swapping out high-calorie, commercial dog treats for natural foods including: 



Broccoli florets


Brussels Sprouts





Cantaloupe and watermelon



Green beans





Peaches and pears



Sweet potatoes and yams

Raspberries and strawberries


Before feeding your dog, remove all pits and seeds. Also, only feed fruits in moderation due to their sugar content. 

ASPCA: Other foods You Can Safely Share with your Dog

How to Pick the Best Quality Dog Treat: Tip 2

When purchasing dog treats for your furry best friend, follow the phrase “less is more!” Dog treats with a minimal amount of ingredients are typically better for your dog’s stomach and digestion, especially for canines with sensitive tummies or allergies.

Get into the habit of reading the labels on all dog treats just like you would when choosing and buying your groceries. 

Single-ingredient dog treats ensure there are no unnecessary – and potentially harmful – fillers, additives, preservatives, flavors or colors that can create negative side effects. More ingredients do not necessarily mean more nutrition for your dog. 


Our Natural Bully Sticks and Natural Chews are all single-ingredient treats with nothing added!

How to Pick the Best Quality Dog Treat: Tip 3

Want to use high-quality dog treats for your dog? Make your own! 

DIY dog treats can be a fun and easy project for the whole family while also guaranteeing your favorite pooch is ONLY getting the highest quality, human-grade ingredients! A quick search on Google will give you hundreds of choices for homemade treats like this one: 105 Homemade Dog Treat Recipes: Healthy & Super-Woof Easy!

ALWAYS do your research to ensure the best quality dog treats for the K9 in your life. 


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