Pig Ears!

Pig Ears!

Golden Retriever chewing a pig ear on the grass

Bacon. It's a beloved American treat–whether sizzling on the grill before transferring to your breakfast plate or wrapped around asparagus as an appetizer, it's just hard to resist!  America's love of bacon–two billion pounds of love a year!  It seems the whole world loves bacon, and pork too, with pork representing 40% of all meat consumed in the world!

So if Americans love pork and the world loves pork, your pup would probably love it too!  But instead of tossing a couple of sizzling slices of thick cut bacon in to your pup’s bowl (which I am sure your pup would LOVE), let’s look at an option that doesn't require you to fire up the grill, satisfies a dog’s need to chew, offers dental benefits and health benefits as well…the jumbo pig ear! 

At DogBullySticks.Com we just secured a large order of natural, 100% US grown, single ingredient pig ears!  Here’s why we love them! 

  1. Size!  These are raised in the United States JUMBO pig ears processed at a human food grade USDA facility!  They are not imported, so not subject to standards which may not be as stringent as that of the food grade of US meat packing facilities!  Simply the best.
  2. Single Ingredient!  These pig ears are single ingredient chews. No preservatives, dyes, bleaching or additives.  Those items improve shelf life for pet suppliers but they are not good for you and we firmly believe they are not good for our pups. 
  3. Chewing!  Unlike bacon (which your dog can make disappear in seconds–or at least mine would if given the opportunity) pig ears serve as a chew.  We recently posted an article on the benefits of chewing for dogs.  They include reducing anxiety, providing mental stimulation, cleaning teeth, helping remove tartar and freshening breath.  Pig ears offer a chewing opportunity and all the accompanying benefits!
  4. Nutritional Punch! Protein & Fat & More! Pig ears are composed primarily of protein–nearly 70%.  Protein is critical for your dog as it makes up the muscles, organs and even the collagen for your dog’s tendons and ligaments. Protein is also critical for your dog’s immune system. Pig ears are a solid source of saturated fat as well, which provides energy for your dog and helps your pup absorb vitamins A, D, E & K.  Pig ears also include a good dose of heart healthy Omega 3’s & 6’s as well as joint supporting chondroitin and glucosamine!
  5. Senior Dogs! Protein is great for all dogs but sweet seniors can especially benefit! According to PetKeen, “One of the functions of protein in the dog’s body is building and maintaining muscle tissue. Since dogs lose muscle mass as they grow older, they require more protein in their diet to hold on to muscle tissue for longer.”   PetKeen recommends that protein make up 25% of your senior dog’s diet. Pig ears can help you meet this protein balance for your dog.

French bulldog on a coach with a pig ear chew

Rhoda the Frenchie enjoys a jumbo pig ear!

Pig ears can help provide a natural source of your pup’s nutritional and other needs (like chewing)!  Most experts recommend feeding a pig ear per week. As always, remember that variety and moderation are key! If your dog has dental or special dietary concerns, please consult your vet and provide supervision as needed.  

Ready to add some pig ears to your pups chewing options!? Check out our online store at DogBullySticks.Com

As always, chews happiness!!!

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