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Busy Treats: Keep Your Chewer Invested

You have a dog that just loves to mouth everything within reach. It's alright, most of us have had that dog, too. Whether it's your shoes or your bottle of medication (which is terrifying!), your dog just seems to need something in his teeth at all times.

Today, we'll take a look at some of the best things you can give your pooches when they're in need of a good chew. Let's get going!


The Gnaw That Won't Stop

For mid-sized dogs such as labs and spaniels, you'll find that they tend to tear through toys and demolish chews in seconds. We suggest a bully braid in this case rather than a bully stick. These braids are harder to rip apart and take a much longer time for your pup to chew down.

Bully braids are made of multiple bull pizzles wrapped around one another for greater support and more resistance for the excited dog. If this doesn't work, you might consider a horn rather than a bully stick. Remember: never leave your pet unattended with a chew no matter how experienced they are. Pets are great at getting even the safest chews stuck or lodged uncomfortably.

Little Nibblers

Smaller dogs still like to have a big chew when the feeling hits them. In this case, a single small bully stick or a curled one are both wonderful options for these little mouths. If your dog is quite small, you may be able to get more than one chewing session per bully stick by slicing them horizontally (never down the center; this can cause splintering).


Another neat treat for our tiny pals is dried fruit. Many small dogs have problems keeping their blood glucose levels high enough to satisfy their metabolism. A little dried fruit now and then is an excellent treat.

Big Chew Hounds

From Danes to Dobermans, these are our biggest buddies. And they have the jaws to prove it! Again, the largest bully braids on the market are a perfect choice for the larger dogs. They may not last as long as for the mid-sized dogs, but they will certainly give the jaws a workout.

One small caution is that we recommend getting the largest size you can for these dogs. Smaller ones can get stuck in their throats if they try to gobble them down too quickly, causing problems in the long run.


Now you know the more about the best treats for your dog! If you have more questions please visit our blog more tips and treats. 🐶

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