Healthy Dog Treats

We know you only want the best for your dog. That means feeding healthy, nutritious food every day of their life. But what about treats? When you think of a treat for yourself, you're probably eyeing some ice cream or a chocolate bar. Neither is a particularly good choice for your pup. Let's take a look at what some good options are!


Meat and Organs

The ideal treat for every dog (except those prone to liver, pancreas, or kidney issues), is meat and organs. Whether this comes as a freeze-dried component of your meal plan or you just want to give your dog a little bit of beef while the two of you are working on a routine, that's up to you.

The canine body is made to convert meat into energy. Though they are not obligate carnivores, we have found that dogs do best when given a diet primarily made of high-quality meat and organs. Just don't overdo the organs. You may end up with an accident on your hands.

Bones and Bully Sticks

Another part of the puppy food pyramid is bones and bully sticks. A raw, non-weight-supporting bone is best for your dog, but be careful to give it as an appropriate size. Speak to a raw feeder or holistic vet about what sort of bones are appropriate for your dog before you dive in.

Bully sticks are the reproductive organ of a bull or steer beef or bison. These are dried and make the perfect toothpick, floss, or toothbrush for your dog. They're also wonderful chew sticks, too.


Vegetables and Fruits

There are dozens of fruits and vegetables that have benefits for your dog, though they do best with them freeze-dried or cooked down to a mush. Bananas, apples (without the seeds), broccoli, spinach, brussels sprouts, and carrots are some of our dog favorites. Berries hold tons of antioxidants for pets. Experiment and see what your pets like!

The Occasional Grain

Grains have been cultivated by humans for centuries, but they're still pretty new to the canine digestive tract. Whole grains, such as rolled oats, are the most easily accepted forms of grain in the canine treat pantry. If you're looking to experiment, try mixing rolled oats and peanut butter (be careful and watch for sugar-free substitutes; these kill). Craft them into tiny balls and freeze them overnight. Let them thaw a little before you give one to your pet for easier chewing.


Now you know the more about the best treats for your dog! If you have more questions please visit our blog more tips and treats. 🐶

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