How Much is Too Much: Bully Sticks as Treats

Though dark chocolate has its advantages in humans, too much of a good thing is still detrimental. Just like bully sticks (don't feed your dogs chocolate, friends), we find that a few too many might rattle certain groups of dogs. Let's take a look at the pups (and other furry pals) who might be affected by too many treats and why.


Protein-Sensitive Dogs

Protein-sensitive dogs can mean any group of dogs who see adverse side effects when they have a large amount of protein. Remember, bully sticks are almost entirely protein. Kidney and liver patients are two of the first that comes to mind. When these dogs have too much protein in their diet, it can mean a serious complication or two that may end up with a veterinary bill.

Though the occasional bully stick certainly won't prove any more dangerous than a bit of beef or a cold cut for a treat, we recommend speaking to your vet if your pet is sensitive to proteins. You may also want to check for beef or bison allergies while you're there, just in case.

Why Dogs Need Chews

Dogs need chews because they are made to chew! Those teeth aren't just for show and those powerful jaws need exercise. However, like any exercise, too much can lead to the dog with sore jaws or even chipped teeth.

While bully sticks are unlikely to cause any of these issues (most dogs can finish a bully stick within an hour or two, if it is appropriately sized), it is still something to keep in mind. Maybe take a day off if your pup seems to be licking their teeth, you see blood on the bully stick (this can happen if gingivitis is an issue), or if the pet just isn't interested.


Moderation is Key

Bully sticks are a wonderful alternative chew for everything else on the market. We strongly recommend them for all ages and types of chewers, be they an elderly cat or a very young puppy. So long as your pet is looking for a chew, bully sticks are a great way to satisfy that need.

But pets shouldn't have a bully stick in front of them every hour of every day. Again, remember, these are treats! Wonderful, fulfilling treats that are worth their weight in the canine diet in every way!

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