Keeping Your Treat Budget in the Green: Thrifty Dog Treats

Unfortunately, we live in a world where the ultimate choice often relies on what's on the other side of the dollar sign. This means our pets have to deal with it, too. Here, we'll take a look at some thrifty dog treats and include some homemade dog treat talk. Let's go!


Sharing Your Plate

If your pup has good manners, there's nothing wrong with sharing your plate. Keep in mind the many things that we can eat that will poison your dog (avocado, chocolate, and nuts just to name a few; please check an extensive list). However, if your dinner is pup safe, there's no reason to shoo your dog away from the table. A nibble or two of your steak, your mashed potatoes, or your delicious broccoli will have tails wagging and more money in your pocket.


Looking for Deals

If you're a raw feeder, you likely already spend hours per week searching for the best place to find chicken wings or turkey tails. However, for those newer to this deal, you can find quite a few things in your local grocery store for your pup.

Pig ears are an easy creation at home. Just rinse them off, wipe them down, and put them in your oven for several hours at a low temperature. They crisp right up and your dog will love them.

The Parts No One Wanted

Testicles? Penises? Ovaries? Oh, my.

Yet the point remains that meat is meat (or organs are organs) and your dog adores them. In fact, that's where bully sticks come from. Whether in the raw, boiled, cooked, or dried for bully sticks, dogs love to rip apart a springy bull penis because it's a part toy and part treat. Don't know how to get bully sticks? We have you covered. 😉



Once you've learned what your dog can and cannot have, it's time to start experimenting. Your pet treats can be as simple as a can of pumpkin and some oat flour mixed together and baked for several minutes. This makes a wonderful cookie that dogs love and that can help establish good gut bacteria, by the way.

No matter what your dog's favorite treat is, there is always a way to continue spoiling them with it and keep yourself in the black as well. Sometimes, you just have to be a little on the creative side. 


Now you know the more about the best treats for your dog! If you have more questions please visit our blog more tips and treats. 🐶

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