What is a Bully Stick?

A bully stick is a dried pet treat made from the penis of a male bovine; typically, either a cow or bison steer or bull. In the days of corner shop butchers and farm-processed beef, these were usually tossed to the butcher or farmer's dog. With the enormous need for beef in today's world, we've found ourselves with a plentiful supply of bully sticks. This means pets all over the world can now experience these high protein treats for themselves.  


How Did These Become Popular?

Any carnivorous pet loves a high protein crunch. It satisfies both their chewing desire and their need for a heavy, meaty treat.

With the popularity of large pet stores came the rise in the bully stick. Unlike rawhide, these treats are fully digestible and far less likely to cause any problems with the pet chewing them. Fully natural, 100% meat, and essentially the best pet jerky you can buy, the popularity of bully sticks is no surprise when you consider the alternatives on the market.

Have a heavy chewer or just a dog who likes to gnaw? Bully sticks can be broken down to any size for an appropriate snack for your carnivore. Check out our sizing guide to find the right size for your pup! 


I've Heard There's a Smell

Though some bully sticks do produce a smell when chewed, this is very rare in today's recipes. If properly dried and maintained, a bully stick should not smell like anything other than beef stew. Bully sticks are, in essence, pet jerky after all. All our bully sticks are odor-free and 100% all-natural, with no added additives or preservatives.

However, if a pet is allowed to carry a bully stick for weeks on end, there may be a smell. At this point, if your pet's bully stick smells odd or off, we recommend the replacement of the chew. Most pet owners buy a few at a time to make replacement easier.

This Seems Weird

Utilizing the whole animal is the best way to honor their death. When we receive meat, bones for stock, and organs like liver for our dinners, there is a significant portion of a beef steer that would otherwise go to waste. Feeding organs and parts that we have no use for our pets is a wonderful way to make sure nothing goes to waste. 

Bully sticks fulfill a great way to utilize bull and steer penises as well as give our pets a fun way to chew on something new; something different, giving them variety in their lives.


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