Bully Sticks vs. Rawhide

This is an age-old debate that stems from before the popularity of the bully stick. When farmers threw bull pizzles to their pets or the stock guard dog, so many people cautioned that feeding butchery products would encourage the dog to seek out living parts from the livestock. This proved to be untrue; in fact, the dogs were even better at guarding the livestock than ever before.

Rawhide was once nothing more than a scrap piece of leather left for the dogs. But something sinister happened when we began gluing sheets together for our pets. Let's read on.


Digestible Products

There's nothing more digestible than a piece of plain ol' meat for your pooch. Indeed, that should be the cornerstone of their diet! Bully sticks are 100% digestible and allow the dog to make use of every piece. This means no waste and nothing left to clean up.

Rawhide, on the other hand, is nothing more than poor-quality hides from livestock animals. There's no nutrition here and no source of fiber. While a rawhide twist might provide some stimulation for a dog, you're often left with goopy parts to scrub out of your carpets.

The Satisfaction of the Crunch

Bully sticks can last chewers of all sizes for quite a long time. Depending on how active your chewer is, so long as the bully stick is appropriately sized, you'll find your pet gnawing down for a good, long while.

Rawhides, on the other hand, lose their crunch after some slurping. The hide rehydrates and becomes slick, oily, malleable, and just plain gross. If you really want to let your dog have fun with hides, talk to a hunter in your area before the hides head to the tanner. With the fur still on, this provides an excellent source of fiber for your pet.


Medical Concerns

Rawhides have been clinically proven to get lodged in the canine intestinal tract. The body cannot break these down and thus a blockage is formed. Pets may also find themselves choking on large pieces stuck in their throat, too.

The bully stick is made to break up with significant force from a dog's bite. The stomach can easily digest and fully uptake all the nutrients present in a bully stick, too. If your pet needs a safe, clean, helpful chew toy, you've come to the right place. Give bully sticks a try!

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