• Can Bully Sticks be Part of a Healthy Canine Diet?

    Can Bully Sticks be Part of a Healthy Canine Diet?

    Though the bully stick is certainly meant to be a treat, it can factor in to be a strong part of the canine diet. Treats should always be considered in the diet as a positive part, not just an outstanding nibble here or there. Let's take a look at the different majority diets on the market today and how, where, and why bully sticks...
  • Bully Sticks vs. Rawhide

    Bully Sticks vs. Rawhide

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    This is an age-old debate that stems from before the popularity of the bully stick. When farmers threw bull pizzles to their pets or the stock guard dog, so many people cautioned that feeding butchery products would encourage the dog to seek out living parts from the livestock. This proved to be untrue; in fact, the dogs were even better at guarding the livestock...
  • What is a Bully Stick?

    What is a Bully Stick?

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    A bully stick is a dried pet treat made from the penis of a male bovine; typically, either a cow or bison steer or bull. In the days of corner shop butchers and farm-processed beef, these were usually tossed to the butcher or farmer's dog. With the enormous need for beef in today's world, we've found ourselves with a plentiful supply of bully sticks....
  • An Introduction to Bully Sticks

    An Introduction to Bully Sticks

    You've seen them in stores, advertised in catalogs, and everywhere premium dog treats are sold. These weird, jerky-like pieces were unknown and simply tossed to the butcher's dogs for generations. Yet now we find them stuffing our dogs' stockings and hidden beneath our couches. These high protein snacks are a perfect way to distract heavy chewers, those dogs who need good teeth cleaning, and...
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